Are you really parking there?

DSCN3591The news says Colorado is the fittest state in the nation.  We have enough parking to handle 500 guests — and every one of them thinks they should be able to park by the door.

I totally understand the need for handicapped parking for those who are older and those who are truly handicapped, but you should see some of the guests who come to our weddings.  Many who want to park in the front are just plain lazy — and women trying to walk in stilettos on a ranch well that is another story.   These women actually bring us some humor.

A person will drive around the parking lot for 15 minutes trying to find closer parking space when they could much more quickly just park, walk inside and find a seat.

We have found that people truly do not like to walk.

Most venues have a designated parking area for guests and vendors.  Show some respect and park where you are asked.

You truly don’t need to park so close to the entrance that you can’t open the door to reception hall.

Ellis Ranch Event Center & Wedding Park

2331 Ellis Ranch Lane Loveland, Colorado 80538


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