Linens can change the mood of any reception

Wedding Reception Lines.
By- The Webmaster
  When booking your venue be sure and ask if the venue includes the lines in their rental fee.  If they do most  you generally will only get a choice of either white or black and do not include floor length linens.  So renting may be the way you Read More...

Hot Tips from Wedding Photographers

Hot Tips from Photographers
By- The Wedding Hostess
We work with numerous photographers each year and these two women sure know how to handle a wedding. We highly recommend either one of them to capture your special day or event.  I asked them if they could help me with some tips for my blog post: Hot Tips fr Read More...

What Could Go Wrong? I Have Every Wedding Detail Planned

What could go wrong at wedding will go wrong.
By- The Wedding Hostess
At The Ellis Ranch Open House, I was listening to a couple of brides that were planning their wedding and they said they were such good planners that they had everything covered so nothing would go wrong.  I felt terrible but I broke out laughing.  As Read More...

What is worth stressing over?

Wedding stress.
By- The Webmaster
I recently posted on Face Book asking brides what they would like to read in my blog  “  Our blog gives a venue’s point of view.  I had several topics suggested; the topic of “What is Worth Stressing Over” to me in my opinion was Read More...

Transforming from old school marketing to new for brides.

Old School Marketing for Weddings
By- The Webmaster
Transforming from old school marketing to new for brides This isn’t my normal blog I write for  I generally write a venues point of view on wedding subjects but today being close to the new year I have been spending a lot of time Read More...