Ellis Ranch Preferred Photographer Of The Week.

Ellis Ranch Preferred Photographer of the week.



At the core, Craig Vollmer is a storyteller.

Whether photographing a street fair in Bolivia, his wife’s family in Sweden, or a newlywed couple’s reception party, Craig is an artist who is intrinsically drawn to the story behind the images. Fusing the moment with honed photographic skills, Craig brings life into art and builds imagery that is lasting and loved.With an innate love of weddings and their happy times, Craig translates the milestones of a couple’s relationship into a stunning array of images, capturing the essence of their personalities and what makes them unique.

Craig has a genuine excitement for creating memorable impressions.  His studio delivers photographs that show the highlights of a couple and their journey to date –  together.

Originally starting out in filmmaking in Los Angeles, Craig Vollmer became fascinated by the magic of the darkroom. That brought him squarely over to the world of the still camera.

With an appreciation for the immediacy that photography offers, but with film making in his DNA, Craig began meeting new people and taking their still pictures. . . ones that seemed to leap off the page. He kept everything natural and intimate – lending his storytelling sense to the process. Soon portraits he was taking were valued for the way he could bring someone’s inner depths out.

From there, Craig was drawn to photographing weddings.

Why weddings?

Craig gets to combine the things he appreciates most in life (besides his family): travel to gorgeous locations, working with intriguing people, and telling stories through art. Wedding photography is the perfect blend of these key ingredients that Craig loves. And they are such joyous occasions.

With his charismatic personality and an ability to go with the flow, Craig sets his clients at ease and allows them to really relax on their special day. Craig brings a signature flair for fun and a charming sense of humor that lifts moods and makes people bring their widest smiles.

Once the setting is right, Craig begins to capture the moments that make the day unique. Tailoring each shot to embody the personalities, needs, and ideas of his clients, Craig delivers artistic and visually intriguing shots. He is a master of the candid. And he has knack for making people look their best.

Life is a story and one best told in pictures.

As a gifted storyteller, Craig leads the way through the visual trip that leads to beautiful memories and ones that are created with genuine emotion and design behind them.


When it comes to chronicling weddings, the right photographer is key to capturing your special day. The right wedding photographer will deliver:

  • »  Fresh ideas on shots, angles, and poses
  • »  An appreciation for tradition and knowledge of contemporary styles
  • »  Incorporation of you and your party in ways that are genuine and authentic
  •     to your personalities
  • »  An eye for capturing quiet, intimate moments and the exuberant high-energy
  •     points of the celebration
  • »  A natural anticipation for special moments and an ability to observe the scene
  •     with an artistic eye
  • »  A great personality. Your photographer should LOVE people and
  •     engaging with groups of them. . . while still singling out the moment maker!
  • »  Preparation and organization. Your day is all about you and your celebration.
  •     The details should be covered by your photographer so you can focus on
  •     having fun.

A fun, relaxed photographer will deliver the best results!

Craig Vollmer delivers an experience that is unparalleled and photographs that are the best reflection of one of life’s biggest celebrations…


Photographer, Craig Vollmer
Wedding Photography, Craig Vollmer

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