Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Ellis Ranch have external power?

 Yes, we have two 20KW generators, if you can get here for your wedding, reception or event, you will still have power in case of power outages in the neighborhood.

 Should I take out Wedding Insurance?

 Absolutely, Yes!!, Why take a chance with a cancellation due to an Act of God, what if your wedding dress was ruined when arriving, Change of Heart, going to be deployed on a different date; There are so many what if’s that are out of your control. Contact: WedSafe for your special event insurance needs.

How many guests does each Ellis Ranch wedding venue hold?

Event Center holds up to 450, includes wedding party.Carriage House holds up to 150, includes wedding party.

What hours do we get the venue?

You get the facility from 1:00pm to 10:00pm. All alcohol and music ends at 10:00pm. You must be cleaned up and out by 11:00pm. You may rent additional hours at the Event Center only. Talk with Shawn or Kim for details.

What are the sizes of your tables?

Banquet – 6′, Round – 5′

What size of linens should we rent?

Banquet – 90″x 132″, Round – 120″ (these sizes will touch the ground). We do have smaller sizes available as well to reduce the cost of linens. Call for more information.

When are rehearsals scheduled?

One hour free rehearsals.

May we bring our own alcohol or beverages to our Ellis Ranch wedding?

No, Ellis Ranch, Inc. was granted a liquor license as of November 1, 2014, requiring all alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages to be purchased through the Ellis Ranch.

How much should be put down to hold a date for our Ellis Ranch wedding?

We request one half of the rental fee at the time of booking and the second half is due three months prior to your wedding date. If you have financial issues, please contact us to set up an alternative plan for you.

 What if I have to cancel my wedding or event?

We will refund half of your total amount paid to date at time of cancellation if date is re-booked, this includes any additional items paid for at contract signing or after. No refunds will be given unless we re-book the date, and any refund the Lessee is entitled to will be refunded after the original date has been re-booked and has occurred. If you cancel within (6) six months of your contracted date no refunds of any kind will be given. Rescheduling the wedding to a later date must be done six (6) months prior to your contacted date. There will be a $500.00 fee to reschedule your wedding /event date after the six months cut off period

What can I do or not do when it comes to decorating.

 No flammable liquids will be allowed inside the Event Center. Under close supervision and notification to an Ellis Ranch Manager, the use of small butane stove/burner and/or sterno heat units are acceptable. Candles must be in a glass container and the flame must burn below the top rim. Unity candles may be used for the duration of the ceremony only without being in glass. Live flower petals are permitted but must be removed prior to the end of the event. Rice, confetti of any size, birdseed, glitter, fake snow, luminaries, silly string or fireworks are not permitted anywhere on the Ellis Ranch, Inc. premises. The implementation of the previous items at an event will result in surrendering the client’s damage deposit. Spilled wax, burn holes/marks, on linens will result in loss of damage deposit also and if the replacement cost of linens exceeds the amount of the damage deposit you will be billed for remaining balance. Fake petals are not allowed to be thrown outside, it is considered littering. No straw, hay bales or corn stalks. Table cloths are required on all of the tables. NOTHING SMALLER THAN A ROSE PETAL MAY BE USED FOR ANY TABLE DECORATIONS!!!!

When do we order linens and give the final guest count?

We meet with you at least 14 days prior to your event to go over all final details (linens, tables, guest count, bar, vendors, etc.).

Can we rent more Ellis Ranch wedding hours?

You may rent one extra hour only at the Event Center. No extra hours are allowed at the Carriage House.

Do we have to hire security guards?

 Possibly, this will be determined on the size and kind of event, reception or wedding. The Ellis Ranch, Inc. has the right to require additional security.

How does cleanup work?

It is free if you do the cleanup; leave the facility how you found it, trash to trash cans, everything you brought in leaves with you in addition to all food, cake, gifts, decorations, ect. Or, you can pay the Ellis Ranch $1.00/person (based on final guest count) and you take only what you want and leave everything else to be cleaned up by our Staff (trash, unwanted cake/food, decorations, etc.).

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