Gentle Giants Bring Love

0004-copyWe would like to introduce you to Bonnie and Clyde the most loved employees at the Ellis Ranch.  These two beauties truly are gentle giants.

Bonnie is 24 years old and Clyde is 16 years old.  We bought Bonnie when she was two.  Bonnie had a mate and we lost him so eight years ago we found Clyde and they are living happily ever after.

Bonnie has done well over 1000 weddings.  They are Percherons Draft horses and wear a size 8 draft shoes and are 17.5 hands tall.IMG_0230

When you visit with our guest that have attended weddings they say Bonnie and Clyde arriving with the bride to the ceremony was a tear jerker and the most memorable part of the wedding.  These black beauties make a wedding romantic and unique from any place in Colorado. DSCN0194

Ellis Ranch Event Center &

Wedding Park

2331 Ellis Ranch Lane Loveland, Co




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