Grasshoppers & Brides

Jumping grasshoppers this has been quite the summer for those little creators.  We are a ranch and generally love nature at it’s best.  This summer has been a challenge on the ranch with these little creators.


On the ranch it is common to see; elk, deer, bears, bighorn, rabbits, bobcats, fox, coyotes and a occasional mountain lion but this summer our resident wildlife its an insect – the grasshopper.

I’m sure most of you have heard or read about the Colorado busting out with a migration of grasshoppers.  Well they decided to make home this summer on our ranch.   We have applied grasshopper pesticides and still can’t keep them under control.  I guess a good freeze will help.

We have to have the best brides ever.  Many find it good luck when one jumps on them and most say we wanted our wedding on a ranch.  Shawn always tells the brides  with a big smile you wanted wildlife.

Another Year of High Populations of Grasshoppers in NE Colo.

Looking for wildlife? Hop to it


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