Have you been Assuming? Big Mistake for Weddings

AssumingWhen we give our brides tours of our venue I bet I say the words don’t assume more then 10 times during the tour.

Have you been Assuming? Big Mistake for Weddings

Here are our Top Ten “Don’t Assume” Mistakes:

1) We see this all the time: Who is going to bus the tables when you rent china. Who will be clearing the tables after the meal has been served. The bride rents the china and assumes the catering staff or the venue will bus the tables. Remember you have rented the china from a third party, if you have not made arrangements with the catering company to bus the table and pay them to do so, I can guarantee you will be busing the tables yourself.

2) Insurance, does your DJ, Photographer, Cater, Florist, Venue have liability insurance? Don’t assume that since they have a business they do. Most venues will not allow vendor who are not properly licensed and insured work at their facility.

3) Concerning your cake, unless you have made arrangements to have someone cut your cake ahead of time don’t assume the person who make or delivered the cake will cut the cake and don’t assume the carter’s staff will do the cutting. You must make arrangements ahead of time.

4) Clean up, who is responsible? As with our venue many venue are a facility rental only and you will be responsible for you own clean up unless arrangements are made.   Some venues give you this option to help you save money.

5) Alcohol, don’t assume you will be able to place bottle of wine on the tables. Make sure you have talked in length with the venue manage about alcohol requirements, do and don’ts.

6) Don’t assume you can bring in decorating supplies the day before your wedding or leave things that evening at the venue to be picked up the next day. Make arrangements, some venue have strict regulations concerning delivery and pick up times.

7) Arriving early to the venue is a big no… no! Don’t assume they it is all right to arrive and hour early.

8) Don’t assume since you are invited to a wedding you can bring a guest or your children. If your invitation does not state your and guest or your name and your children’s name or say family. You should not bring them. Many venues can only handle a certain amount of guest, bride has to pay per person and the bride prefers no children at her reception.

9) Don’t assume your cater will serve your meal on china, most give you a bid with paper plates. You need to discus every detail of your meal. This goes with any vendor.

10) When planning any event, whether it is a wedding or reception always have a plan B ready.   With Mother Nature having a mind of her own we can’t always assume the weather will be perfect.

Hope these 10 assumptions help you with your planning of your next event or wedding. We all want the day to so smoothly and memorable in the good way.

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