Maps for Invitations

MapWith technology moving so fast it is hard at times for Map Quest and other sites that help you find a location.  Especially when your county leaders decide to change a businesses physical address which creates a night mare.


We have found it to very helpful to have a clear map on our web site to help our couples and their guest find our Wedding Ranch.   We also recommend that you request a jpg from your venue so you may insert a map with your invitations or if possible have the map printed on the back of your invitations.  Maps that are inserted are generally lost before your wedding date.


If you have a wedding web site set up for your wedding, location where your wedding guest can find updated infomation concerning your wedding be sure and add the map on the web site along with the web site address of your wedding location.


You would be amazed at how many guest show up late to weddings because they didn’t have the proper directions.


Ellis Ranch Event Center & Wedding Park

2331 Ellis Ranch Lane  Loveland, Colorado 80538