>Officiants Stressing Brides Out


By no means the following post has anything to do with officiant in my photo. The Ellis Ranch has three Preferred Officiants we recommend to our brides and we have never had the following problem with any of them. The problem comes when the couples hire an officiant not from our preferred officiant list.

We host approximately 130 weddings per year so we have seen just about every kind of wedding officiate out there. Some are ordained ministers, Rabbi, signed up on the Internet, friend, and family member. On the most part they have all done a great job and the bride and groom were happily married at the end of the day.

The one thing that stresses a bride and the facility is when you get an officiates that books too many wedding in one day and too close together.

Example the other day we had a wedding that was running a little late and by late I mean maybe 10 minutes, the officiate came up to us and said this wedding needs to get going right on time because he needed to leave for another wedding. We had guest still arriving and our bride wanted to give them a chance to get seated first.

Girls when hiring an officiate make sure you ask your officiate how many weddings will they be performing that day. If they can’t give you at least one hour for your ceremony I would not hire them plan and simple. Weddings are so stressful for you and having your officiate ad to that is not an option in my book.