Plan on touring a venue? Do’s and Don’ts

Are you planning or have a date set to go take a personal tour of a wedding venue?  Here are a few things to think about.

First call and make an appointment. Never just show up at a venue.  Here are a just a few reasons that popped to mind why not to be just a drop in our arrive late to an appointment.

a.  Most wedding venues do not have set hours since they work crazy hours.  Most work every weekends so they will be closed at some point during the week.  If for some unusual reason they do not have a wedding booked on a Sunday you know they will be closed unless they have scheduled appointments like yours.

b.  You have to remember you are not the only bride getting married so the venue very possibly will have scheduled showings, contact signings, or final walk thrus all day long along with daily business activities.  We have been so scheduled on some days there is no way to could handle a drop in.

c.  Don’t think just driving by to see the facility will do you justice or the venue.  Driving into the parking lot, sure doesn’t show the reception area or the hidden wedding park or the personality of the venue.  If you do just drive in please stop and say hi.

d.  There is a good chance the venue could be hosting wedding or event and can’t not give you a tour.  Yes, weddings do take place during the week.

Once you have called to schedule your personal tour please don’t be late, this really messes everyones day up.  Not sure why but we have found couples think nothing of arriving 15 to 30 minutes late is expectable.    This really throws off the entire day.  We have to cut your personal tour short or make the next appointment late which really does not set well with the next couple.  Are you getting the point.  We hate to sound so negative but arriving late truly is not expectable.  Always check with Google Maps to see how to find us and leave early enough so if you run into traffic you have given yourself plenty of time.

We love each of our couples who come take a tour of our ranch and truly want to be able to give them the attention and respect that each one deserves.


Ellis Ranch Wedding Park & Event Center

2331 Ellis Ranch Lane Loveland, Colorado 80538