Please…. show respect to us like you want us to show you.

canstockphoto17262101This blog is written out of frustration from several calls from fellow wedding vendors asking us how we handle no shows.

I want to first thank you for letting me vent.  Please…. show respect to us like you want us to show you.  We love all our brides and we love making your day the best day of your life.


Truly 95% of all brides are some of the most respectful women we know and work with and we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else but hosting weddings.

I know everyone can forget an appointment I have done so myself but never have I not called when I remembered I had forgotten or if I was running late without giving an apology or answer my phone messages, emails or texts.  I think we have heard every excuse given, the main one is… accident on Hwy 25…way over used.

As wedding vendors we do realize brides are planning one of the most important days of their lives and doing so can be very stressful for you and you would always like to have more hours in the day.  As vendors we feel the same stress and lack of hours.

With today’s technology there is no reason if a person who needs to cancel an appointment or arriving late to contact the person you are scheduled to meet with; cell phone, emails, texting, social media or old school …your land line.

When a bride does not show up for a scheduled appointment the wedding vendor or venue truly are worried about you, did you get in an accident, something happen at home?

We know some of you may have met with other vendors prior to your scheduled time with another vendor and may have decided to go with that vendor or you realize you just don’t have the budget.    As wedding vendors we are thick skinned and you truly will not hurt our feelings with a phone call telling us you have decided to choose another vendor or can’t afford our services.  We under stand things happen and we might not be right fit for you.  We can’t book every bride, nor do we want to.

We are lucky when we have a no show but not all wedding vendors are as lucky, some who have traveled for their meeting, enduring cost.  Example of a now show at our venue: we have actually spent several hours waiting on a bride to show not being able to go to lunch with the family, just to find out the bride decided to stop for lunch before coming on out.

I was taught as young women that respect for others comes first, arrive to all appointments five minutes early and if I need to change planes to give a curtsey call.

Arriving late is just as bad as a no shows.  I know at our wedding venue we schedule our showings, sometime as many as eight per day so when a bride arrives late, it sure throws our entire day off.  We either have to cut her showing, walk thru, or contact signing short, we should never have to cut the next brides appointment time.    In cutting the bride who was late, makes that brides, mad at us when it is not our fault.   When scheduling your day to meet with vendors please do with respect for everyones time.

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