Southwest Airline changes outcome of wedding at Ellis Ranch

IMG_6878We were honored with hosting a wedding for one of great military men that served four tours over seas this past weekend. This couple was on of the sweetest couples to date that the Ellis Ranch has worked with.

Jared and Kaitlin planned the wedding of their dreams over the past year, inviting family and friends from all over the nation. The 150 on their guest list approximately 80 were from out of state.

The groom Jared blocked off hotel rooms and paid for the 80 guests to fly into their wedding. Sounds romantic and very generous for the couple to do this but very important that they have those 80 guests attend their special day.

Here is where the sad part comes in, at the time of the ceremony and as the bride was riding in on the horse-drawn carriage she was able to look at the crowd and see only approximately 50 guests counting the wedding party sitting on the benches. She commented to the carriage driver that it was sad so many couldn’t make it to their wedding.

The reason 80 guest were not able to attend had nothing to do with the bride and groom but Southwest Airlines.   Remember a few days ago when the news was reporting that the computers at Southwest Airline in Denver were down, well that impacted thousands of travelers and 80 of those were suppose to be out of town guest for Jared and Kaitlin wedding.

Weddings are a huge investment any way you look at it but now he is out of cost for reserving rooms and flights for family and friends.


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