Wedding off-season – Is there truly one?

Wedding-Photos-Slide-Show-052“Off-season” is phrase a lot of brides ask about.  Most off-season deals offer a lower rate, due the lower demand rate.

As a venue, we do offer a lower rate during the off-season. But truly, a venue should not, for several reasons.

During the peak wedding season, the weddings are running like clockwork.  You have a full crew on hand to handle the duties of hosting a wedding.

During the off-season, a venue should actually charge more, especially on a ranch, where the real work has just begun.  Off-season, there are generally not as many employees do the work that is still required.

Being a bride, you understand what happens the day of your wedding, but most couples have no clue what happens during the rest of the time.

 Top 10 Things Done During The Off-Season

 1) We do wedding showings year-round, but for some reason during off-season, the showings increase. This is always the hardest time, because that is when the venue looks the worst.  All the flowers are gone, trees look dead and in our area, the wedding park could be covered with snow.

2) Snow. Before we can do any showings, we have fire up the old tractor and plow the roads so you can get to the parking lot.

3) Time to do the repairs on the ranch that has been put off during the peak season. Can’t have a lot construction going on during a wedding.

4) Time for bridal shows.  Northern Colorado, I swear, has more bridal shows than brides.

5) Time to update all written materials and make changes before going to the printer.

6) Time to review and update any insurance.

7) Time of year that more money seems to be going out then coming in. We need to purchase supplies and equipment for the next peak season: chairs, linens, paper supplies, etc.

8)  Our venue is in an area that has to deal with wildlife and elk, which can be the most destructive animals on earth.  We can have as many as 200 elk come through our wedding park on any given day.  Imagine what they can do to our trees, grass and plants.

9) Tax time. Don’t we all love that time of year?

10) Vacation times. Oh yes, we make sure we do this during the off-season.

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