What is your take on marijuana use at your wedding / reception?

What is your take on marijuana use at your wedding / reception?

canstockphoto17523241We were approached a few weeks ago by a couple who was getting married and if we would let them have a Hemp Bar instead of alcohol for their reception.

We told them we had to pass on this one.  It wasn’t because we are against and I’m not saying we are for recreational marijuana use.  Before we can make a decision to allow marijuana use at the ranch, as venues owner we need to have the laws explained to us more clearly…. ok State, not okay Federal, can or can not smoke in public places, does the law consider the Ellis Ranch public when our wedding are a private event.   What is the liability for the venue?  There are just too many questions unanswered at this time.

If we do host a Hemp Bar, we still have underage children attending the weddings and events.  So we would still need to regulate the Hemp Bar just like we do the alcohol served.

What about marijuana that has been put in food, the cake, deserts, appetizers, how do we monitor that?

I was recently interview by The Knot on a venues concerns and thoughts.  Attached is the link to the interview and the poll they are taking.  I would like for everyone to please take poll and to let us know your thoughts.   http://blog.theknot.com/2014/02/26/marijuana-might-be-making-its-way-into-weddings/

One question we were asked was how we feel about these changing traditions.  I exclaimed weddings have broken so many traditions all ready…. the traditional wedding cake has gone to cup cakes, cheesecake and pies.  Had a mother of the brides ask what happened to the day you had your wedding in the church and had your reception in the basement with cake and mints, now we have to feed the entire neighborhood?  Traditional vows are very seldom said.

Marijuana use will become the norm in our lives but we just need to find a way to make if safe and accepted by all attending the wedding or event.

We want to thank The Knot for approaching the Ellis Ranch on our thoughts on the subject.  The Knot is a very respected online wedding site and magazine.


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