>Why Private Venue vs Restaurants


Rehearsal dinners with the family can be just as stressful as planning the wedding. Generally the groom’s family plans and pays for the rehearsal and dinner and in most cases the groom is out of town leaving the parents with no clue where to host such and important event. They don’t know anything about the local restaurants or the area.

If possible I would try and hold my rehearsal dinner at a private venue or better yet at the venue where you will be getting married.

1) Talk about convientant.
2) Private, not the general public all around you.
3) You have a chance to really visit and enjoy family and
friends in a more intimate setting.
4) Most venues will offer you a package deal making planning
a zip.
5) You have no travel time or have to worry about guest not
finding the restaurant after the rehearsal you are already
6) Many cases you can bring in your own alcohol, which make
the evening less expensive.
7) Most cases you don’t need to limit numbers in attendance
8) Don’t have strangers in the background of your photos.
9) Very convientant to work with the host of the venue in your
planning due to most grooms’ parents being out of town
or doesn’t want or know how to organize such an event.
10) Great time to give your personal gifts to family and the
wedding party.