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ellis ranch couple - Wedding Event Centers Near Me Northern Colorado

Your perfect northern Colorado wedding starts with a great romantic venue. Make your wedding a memorable one at Ellis Ranch Event Center and Carriage House. If you are searching for “wedding event centers near me Northern Colorado” online, you’re in the right place. Ellis Ranch is an award-winning top Colorado wedding venue. The “Sweetheart” city of Loveland, located in Northern Colorado, has amazing picturesque views that are perfect for such a romantic event. There are many advantages to holding your special occasion at our wedding event center. Check out these advantages for a memorable experience at the Ellis Ranch wedding event center.

Finding wedding event centers near me Northern Colorado

Trying to find the best wedding event center in Northern Colorado can be challenging, and that’s why we’re really glad you found us. Being in business for almost 60 years says a lot about us. Ellis Ranch is still owned by the Ellis Family and managed by Shawn and Kim Ellis. Here is our list of the advantages of having your special day at our wedding event center.

Has Huge Capacity

Are you planning to invite a huge number of guests to witness your wedding? Do you have multiple groups of family and friends that will be coming to your wedding? If your answer to these questions is yes, then our mega-sized wedding event center is perfect for you. Our event center can comfortably accommodate 450 persons. You won’t need to worry about the building being too crowded. You just need to enjoy your special event.

Make it a party

Having all your friends and family gathered in one area keeps the party intimate. Guests are welcome to join the celebrations inside the wedding event center. Inside, there is more room than you can imagine. This large building makes it perfect for nearly any function you might need to host. The massive bar is not only beautiful but can accommodate up to three bartenders, making sure your guests spend more time dancing than in line. Speaking of dancing, the dance floor is perfect for people who want to party! You can get a DJ to start the party on the dance floor, making your wedding fun and memorable. With a raised stage for the DJ, the dance floor will be packed! Get your guests dancing and partying. If you need help finding a DJ, we have suggestions for you.

The Event Center also has two full-size wagons in the building which are perfect for the guestbook and gift “table” and the cake cutting table backdrop. Find out more – read our FAQ  page.

Have a controlled environment

Having your wedding outdoors can invite unforeseen situations such as bad weather or the uninvited “guests” like bugs and wildlife. With an indoor venue, your wedding celebration goes on without the worry of such distractions. You won’t need to think of contingency plans for unforeseen, outside forces.

There are many advantages to having your wedding at our wedding event center and you will get to know more of them when you book your event with Ellis Ranch.

Your wedding venue should provide the best memories for such an important occasion. Ellis Ranch makes sure that you are not only getting picturesque views with our location but also a heartwarming experience.

Ellis Ranch located at 2331 Ellis Ranch Lane Loveland, CO 80538 is one of the top Colorado Wedding Venues in Northern Colorado. We are a family-owned and operated business that has hosted a variety of events and provided facilities for the public since our conception in 1963 as a horse training and boarding facility. Our two amazing venues, Ellis Ranch Event Center and Carriage House with their location in the Sweetheart City of Loveland, Colorado, is a picturesque setting for your wedding, wedding reception, fall festival, or other special events. Book your event with us and experience a rustic and romantic celebration in a timeless setting.