Outdoor Wedding in Colorado

ellis ranch outside carriage house ceremony - Outdoor Wedding in Colorado

An outdoor wedding in Colorado should showcase the area’s scenic views, as well as the love and beauty of the bride and groom. Getting married, with the mountains as the backdrop, feels and looks majestic and enchanting. If you’ve decided to have an outdoor wedding in Colorado, consider Ellis Ranch as your wedding venue. Ellis Ranch is located in Loveland, Colorado, also known as the “Sweetheart City.” The location showcases the grandeur of the Colorado scenery with its vast plains, rolling hills, and mountains. You’ll never run out of picturesque views on this perfect wedding site. While Mother Nature provides the scenery, Ellis Ranch offers amenities that are sure to make your celebration extra special.

Memorable outdoor wedding in Colorado

With its rustically romantic and scenic setting, your outdoor wedding in Colorado is sure to be memorable. Being outside in the sunshine also helps improve your mood, according to a study from Stanford University. Read more about the ways you can create amazing memories with your outdoor wedding.

Plan Ahead

There are many factors to consider for an outdoor wedding and the number one factor is the weather. Plan for emergencies and unexpected events. In this way, you get to enjoy the ceremony rather than stressing about unexpected weather events. Coordinate with the experienced team at Ellis Ranch and discover strategies to handle these unexpected events. With our five decades of experience with outdoor weddings, we’ll be sure to have answers to your “what ifs.”

Create lovely experiences

An outdoor wedding gives you the license to be more creative with your event. Colorado outdoor weddings encourage you to be informal with your celebration. Take every advantage of your venue and enjoy your celebration with some special touches, such as booths for wedding favors or a pop-up bar for drinks. We have tons of decorations that can be placed around the venue or used to create beautiful displays, any place you need a little bit of pretty! All décor that you rent from us is set up and taken down so there is less stress on you. Take a look at some of our décor pictured here and view our video on that same page.  Explore creating specialty activities and memorable experiences that your guests will be sure to enjoy.

Incorporate nature

Being outside gives you the liberty to incorporate nature into your celebrations. Design your venue with foliage abundant in the area or a backdrop of flowers. You can provide environmentally green wedding favors that match your overall wedding theme. No matter if your Wedding theme is elegant, bohemian, rustic, or vintage; the little details will surely contribute to making your wedding the memory of a lifetime.

These are just a few tips to make your outdoor wedding celebration more memorable. Ellis Ranch Event Center and Carriage House can take care of all your needs and questions through our venue’s experts and vendors. Find out more about our wedding vendors or call us now for more information. 

Your outdoor wedding in Colorado should provide the best memories for such an important event. Ellis Ranch makes sure that you are not only getting picturesque views but also a great heartwarming experience through our wedding venue.

Ellis Ranch located at 2331 Ellis Ranch Lane Loveland, CO 80538 is one of the top Colorado Wedding Venues in Northern Colorado. We are a family-owned and operated business that has hosted a variety of events and provided facilities for the public since our conception in 1963 as a horse training and boarding facility. Our two amazing venues, Ellis Ranch Event Center and Carriage House, with their location in the Sweetheart City of Loveland, Colorado, is a picturesque setting for your wedding, wedding reception, fall festival, or other special events. Book your event with us and experience a rustic and romantic celebration in a timeless setting.