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Deciding on the right season for the best outdoor wedding ceremonies can be as monumental as picking the perfect dress or selecting that special song. At Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center, every season takes on a life of its own, transforming the landscape into a canvas of nature’s best displays. Whether you dream of a pastel spring backdrop, the golden hues of summer, the rich tapestry of autumn, or a serene winter wonderland, We offer the ideal setting, ensuring your special day is all you dreamed it would be. No matter what season you decide on, we are here for you and will ensure that your big day runs smoothly and effortlessly. Ellis Ranch has been family-owned and operated since 1963, so we are invested in our guests and we know how to do weddings right. Our property offers stunning views for your wedding ceremony, and you can enjoy the exclusive use of one of our two fabulous wedding sites for the day. 

Two venues for the perfect outdoor wedding ceremonies

The Event Center at Ellis Ranch is a beautiful rustic barn-style venue that is perfect for larger weddings, with a capacity of up to 450. The event center’s outdoor wedding park is absolutely gorgeous and has a backdrop of a beautiful hillside with a canopy of mature trees, both of which are perfect for photos after the ceremony. Inside, there is more room that you can make perfect for any season. The indoor and outdoor options make this a great choice because you don’t have to stress about whether or not the weather will cooperate on your important day.

The Carriage House at Ellis Ranch is the perfect site for smaller, more intimate weddings. With a capacity for up to 150 people, it boasts a stunning view. The carriage house features a wedding gazebo and beautiful rustic wood benches. The guests see a view of gorgeous trees and stunning mountainsides. After the ceremony, guests gather on the huge deck under a canopy of mature trees and lights for cocktails.  Dinner is served in the pavilion area, and on our beautiful Colorado days, guests dine “al fresco” and if the temperature gets a little chilly in the evening, the side walls come down and you’re inside nice and toasty. 

Seasonal Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

When planning an outdoor wedding, every season has its own unique charm. Embracing the natural rhythm of the year can make your big day all the more magical. Here’s a quick guide to tailoring your outdoor wedding to each captivating season:

Spring: A Time of Renewal

Colors and Decor: Spring weddings can play with soft pastel palettes—think blush pink, lavender, and mint. The beauty of cherry blossoms, daffodils, and tulips can be incorporated into centerpieces and bouquets.

Food and Drinks: Consider a menu that celebrates the freshness of the season. Fresh spring greens, asparagus dishes, and light lemony desserts are all delightful choices. A sparkling elderflower cocktail can add a refreshing touch.

Special Touch: You might entertain the idea of a butterfly release at the end of your ceremony, symbolizing new beginnings and transformation.

Summer: Radiant and Vibrant

Colors and Decor: Embrace the bold and sun-kissed colors of summer. Vibrant hues like sunflower yellow, cerulean blue, and fiery coral can be incorporated throughout your decor.

Food and Drinks: Summer feasts can be all about grilling and fresh produce. Think barbecued veggies, fresh berry salads, and zesty drinks. A chilled sangria station could be a huge hit.

Special Touch: For a midday wedding, provide guests with elegant parasols or hand fans to keep cool, turning functionality into a style statement.

Fall: Cozy and Heartfelt

Colors and Decor: Fall exudes warmth. Decorate with rich tones like burgundy, burnt orange, and deep forest green. Pumpkins, gourds, and fall foliage can be utilized for a naturally beautiful ambiance.

Food and Drinks: Serve up hearty fare like roasted vegetables, warm soups, and spiced dishes. Drinks like hot apple cider or pumpkin-spiced lattes can warm up the atmosphere.

Special Touch: Consider incorporating a bonfire segment into your evening celebrations. Guests can gather around for warmth, storytelling, and maybe even some s’mores.

Winter: Enchanting and Intimate

Colors and Decor: Winter offers a palette of crisp whites, deep blues, and shimmering silvers. Think snowy landscapes, twinkling fairy lights, and subtle glittery touches.

Food and Drinks: Comforting, rich dishes like stews or pot roasts can be on the menu. Warm drinks, like mulled wine or hot chocolate with a touch of peppermint, will surely be appreciated.

Special Touch: Provide cozy blankets or shawls for guests. Not only does this keep everyone warm, but it also creates an intimate, communal feeling.

With each season, nature writes a different story. By weaving these seasonal narratives into your wedding, you’re not only embracing the beauty of the outdoors but also making your special day resonate with timeless charm.

Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center is the best Colorado venue for outdoor wedding ceremonies during any season

Get married with us in the Sweetheart City of Loveland, Colorado. We can provide many upgrades, including our selection of decorations for your wedding or event. You can also take a look at our suggested vendor list for local talent that’s highly experienced and trusted by us. We want to make your day as smooth and stress-free as possible, so we can also assist you with wedding planning. We have everything and provide the best outdoor wedding ceremonies at Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center. 

Read some of our 5-star reviews from happy wedding guests

“This was the perfect venue for our wedding and it turned out beautifully! We were looking for a venue where everything we needed was all in one place and Ellis Ranch made this so easy for us. The venue is so big and can accommodate so many people. The indoor/outdoor option of the Event Center was perfect for our winter wedding! We could have had the ceremony inside or outside which made the day really stress-free. The vendors they work with also are SO amazing! I would recommend using The Cupcake Gypsies, Suite and Tie DJ Professionals, and CaptureME Photo Booth. They all work with this venue so it’s very convenient and they were all great!” -Emma

“Beautiful venue! We held our wedding at the Carriage House and it was a perfect Colorado venue for the size of our family. The owners are excellent at communication and have tons of options to rent decorations for your special day. Cannot recommend this place enough!” -Andrew

The best Colorado wedding venue is Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center

Our business is family-owned and operated and has been a premiere wedding and event destination spot since 1963. We would love to show you around! To schedule a tour or request information, please contact us. You can also give us a call at 970-593-9570. Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center is conveniently located at 2331 Ellis Ranch Lane, Loveland, CO 80538. We are one hour north of Denver and one hour south of Southern Wyoming. We are also one of the most affordable wedding venues in Colorado.