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Life gives us a lot of reasons to celebrate or get together with those we love. From birthdays to baby showers to weddings, there are so many occasions that bring us together and require an event space fit for the occasion. That’s why we are so happy you’ve found Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center. We offer the best event space for all of your important moments in Northern Colorado. We host weddings, family reunions, business networking events, fundraisers, memorial services, and so much more. Not only that, but Ellis Ranch has been family-owned and operated since 1963. That means we have a lot of experience hosting important events and we make sure they run according to plan. Leaving you with only great memories of your time with us.

Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center has two event spaces to fit the needs of most occasions. The Carriage House and The Event Center. The Carriage House is the perfect site for smaller, more intimate weddings, wedding receptions, and events. With a capacity for up to 150 people and a stunning view while providing a dining “al fresco” experience that is a show stopper. The Event Center at Ellis Ranch is a beautiful rustic barn-style venue that is perfect for larger weddings, fundraisers, company parties, and more. With a capacity of up to 450, if you need a larger venue, this is the setting that is perfect for you.

When it comes to organizing an event that leaves a lasting impression, it’s all about the details. Whether you’re orchestrating an intimate wedding or a grand corporate gala, your mission is to create not just an event but a cherished memory. Here are the top things to ponder as you embark on your event-planning adventure.

Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center: Event planning checklist

  1. Vision and vibe – Begin by painting a picture of the event in your mind. What’s the occasion? What feelings do you want to evoke? Whether it’s the rustic elegance for a wedding or the sleek professionalism for a conference, set the tone early and let it guide your decisions.
  2. The Guestlist galore – Your attendees are the heartbeat of your event. Consider the size of your guest list carefully, as it will influence everything from the choice of venue to the catering budget. Remember, each person is a part of the event’s story you’re crafting.
  3. Venue virtuosity – The right setting, like Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center, can elevate your event from ‘pleasant’ to ‘unforgettable’. Search for a venue that aligns with your theme and can comfortably accommodate your guests, all while providing that ‘wow’ factor. Accessibility and logistical ease are as important as beauty and ambiance. Make sure your venue checks all the boxes that are important to you.
  4. Date and time – Timing isn’t just a tick on the clock; it’s about choosing the moment that best fits the seasonal theme, the availability of your guests, and often, weather considerations, especially for outdoor events like those we host at Ellis Ranch.
  5. Budgeting brilliance – A realistic budget is your event’s blueprint; it keeps the dream intact without breaking the bank. Allocate funds for different aspects, such as venue, food, entertainment, and unexpected expenses – because surprises are part of the event’s journey. Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center is an affordable event space that is hard to find in Northern Colorado.
  6. Culinary choreography – They say the way to the heart is through the stomach, and rightly so. Whether you opt for a sit-down dinner, a buffet, or creative food stations, ensure the menu caters to the diverse palates of your guests while complementing the overall event experience.
  7. Entertainment and energy – Keep the energy alive with entertainment that resonates with your theme. Live music, a DJ, or perhaps a quirky photo booth can add layers to your event’s atmosphere, making it dynamic and engaging. We are happy to share our list of trusted vendors that will make your celebration fun and seamless. 
  8. Décor and design – This is where the magic happens. Décor transforms a space into an experience. It should reflect the purpose and style of the event while also being functional and comfortable for guests. We take some of the decor stress off your plate by offering different decoration options that we can put up and take down for you.
  9. Technology and tools – In today’s digital world, technology can enhance the event experience. From sophisticated sound systems to event apps for larger conferences, the right technology can streamline the experience and add a modern twist.
  10. Plan B preparedness – Even the best-laid plans can encounter hiccups. Have contingency plans for weather, technology glitches, or last-minute changes. Flexibility can be the superpower of any event planner. At Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center, our event spaces have indoor and outdoor options, so you can always have a plan B. 
  11. Communication clarity – The linchpin of a seamless event is clear communication. From your first vendor meetings to the final thank-you notes, ensure you’re on the same wavelength with your team, vendors, and guests. Detailed timelines, contracts, and quick responses to inquiries set a tone of professionalism and care. This also includes being clear about the event’s itinerary with your guests, so they know what to expect and can fully engage in the celebration.

Check out these 5-star reviews from our happy Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center clients

“This was the perfect venue for our wedding and it turned out beautifully! We were looking for a venue where everything we needed was all in one place and Ellis Ranch made this so easy for us. The venue is so big and can accommodate so many people. The indoor/outdoor option of the Event Center was perfect for our winter wedding! We could have had the ceremony inside our outside which made the day really stress-free. The vendors they work with also are SO amazing! They all work with this venue so it’s very convenient and they were all great!” -Emma

“This place is beautiful. We had my wedding here. August 2021. Amazing setup, with lots of open space for big parties, my big bonus was that there is a playground for young kids and a bachelor room. They had a pool table for the entertainment of kids in general. Kim and her family are wonderful people and they put their lives into their ranch and it shows. I recommend this place for weddings, ballroom parties, special events, and much more.” -Vannessa

“We had our brother’s funeral at Ellis Ranch this month, a very sad occasion for our family.  Working with Shawn eased the stress of planning this event.  He was very kind and accommodating.   I like that it is a family-owned center, they really cared and wanted to make everything right for us.   We had the ceremony outside and it was just a beautiful setting.  The reception was inside the large building and was very comfortable.  I highly recommend Ellis Ranch for any event you may be planning.” -Lisa

Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center is your trusted choice for any event in Northern Colorado

Our business is family-owned and operated and has been a premiere wedding and event destination spot since 1963. We would love to show you around! To schedule a tour or request information, please contact us. You can also give us a call at 970-593-9570. Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center is conveniently located at 2331 Ellis Ranch Lane, Loveland, CO 80538. We are one hour north of Denver and one hour south of Southern Wyoming. We are also one of the most affordable wedding venues in Colorado.