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If you’ve been searching for “wedding venue ceremony and reception” on Google, we’re so happy you found us! At Ellis Ranch Event Center and Wedding Park, we know weddings and we are your trusted choice for your ceremony and reception. Our family and staff at the Ellis Ranch are here to help make your day special. We’ve been building a lifetime of memories for more than 57 years. There are many wonderful things about our venues, but one of the top on our list is the ability to have your ceremony and reception in the same place. Not having to deal with the headache of going from one place to another is a huge relief. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other many benefits.

Top 7 advantages of having your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue.

  1. Saves Time

When the wedding ceremony and reception are held at the same venue, it eliminates the time spent traveling between locations. This means more time for you and your guests to celebrate with less running around from place to place.

  1. Reduces Stress 

This is a big one! Keeping everything in one place makes coordinating the day’s events much simpler. There’s no need to worry about transportation logistics for guests, the wedding party, or vendors.

  1. Cost Savings 

Booking a single venue for the entire event can often be more cost-effective. You don’t have to pay double the fees for two different venues. You’ll also save on transportation costs for yourselves and your guests from one place to another.

  1. Consistency in Decor

A single venue allows for a more consistent theme and decor. It can simplify planning and setup because you’re only dealing with one space. At a venue like Ellis Ranch, we offer decoration options on-site and can help you take more off your plate in this area as well. Then when you’re done you get to leave the decor behind without the headache or what to do with it when the festivities are complete. 

  1. Comfort for Guests 

It’s easier for your guests, particularly those from out of town or with mobility issues if they only have to go to one location. Your guests can unwind and relax after the ceremony while you take pictures and get ready for the fun of the reception. The transition is seamless.  

  1. Better Coordination with Vendors

Vendors such as caterers, florists, and photographers will only have to set up at one location, which can make their jobs easier and potentially reduce the chances of anything going wrong. At Ellis Ranch, we have vendors we work with regularly so they know the venue well. We only recommend the very best for our clients.  

  1. Consistent Weather Plan

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, having the same venue for the wedding ceremony and reception allows for a more seamless transition if weather conditions change unexpectedly. The same backup plan can work for both parts of the wedding.

  1. Ease of Access to Personal Items

With one venue, you’ll have a dedicated space for your personal belongings, gifts, and any outfit changes. You won’t need to worry about transporting these items from one place to another, and they’ll be readily available if needed.

  1. Potential for Unique Activities

Having the wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue might provide opportunities for unique transition activities, like a cocktail hour in a different part of the venue or lawn games for guests while you’re taking photos. You can make creative use of the space since you’ll have it for the majority of the day.

Read some 5-star reviews from our happy clients

“This was the perfect venue for our wedding and it turned out beautifully! We were looking for a venue where everything we needed was all in one place and Ellis Ranch made this so easy for us. The venue is so big and can accommodate so many people. The indoor/outdoor option of the Event Center was perfect for our winter wedding! We could have had the ceremony inside or outside which made the day really stress-free. The vendors they work with also are SO amazing! I would recommend using The Cupcake Gypsies, Suite and Tie DJ Professionals, and CaptureME Photo Booth. They all work with this venue so it’s very convenient and they were all great!” -Emma

“The venue was so beautiful and the Ellis Ranch team was very professional and helpful. My son’s wedding was just perfect and the guests had a great time.” -Connie

No need to continue searching for “wedding venue ceremony and reception”. We offer two beautiful options for your big day. The Event Center and Carriage House, located in the Sweetheart City of Loveland, Colorado, are picturesque settings for your wedding and reception. These two unique event venues, located one hour north of Denver, and one hour south of Southern Wyoming, are rustic and romantic in a timeless setting.

Our business is family-owned and operated and has been a premiere wedding and event destination spot since 1963. We would love to show you around! To schedule a tour or request information, please contact us. You can also give us a call at 970-593-9570. Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center is conveniently located at 2331 Ellis Ranch Lane, Loveland, CO 80538. We are one hour north of Denver and one hour south of Southern Wyoming. We are also one of the most affordable wedding venues in Colorado.