Best Colorado Wedding Venue

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Considering a wedding in the age of Coronavirus? We’re in a new era, where being in large groups in confined spaces may no longer be ideal. Luckily, we operate the Best Colorado Wedding Venue that offers your guests an easy-to-get-to location, great scenery and fresh air. That’s Ellis Ranch in the Sweetheart City of Loveland. Call us today.

The state of the wedding industry will likely have to change with the advent of Coronavirus, which has prompted social distancing of six or more feet. For those planning an intimate wedding, that’s just counterintuitive. But that may be the new reality. Here is a good guide if your wedding falls during the pandemic.

Take advantage of the Best Colorado Wedding Venue with fresh air and space

Downsizing may be the future of weddings, but you don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful venue. Ellis Ranch is spacious to say the least, and our large event center can accommodate your guests, even if they must be spaced farther apart.

Maybe you can find inspiration from these couples, who adjusted their weddings accordingly this spring. And if you’re planning your wedding during social distancing, here are some tips from the pros to do it virtually.

At Ellis Ranch, we have always hosted one event per day, giving you and your guests exclusive use of our venue. Ellis Ranch is conveniently located one hour north of Denver, Colorado and one hour south of southern Wyoming. Ellis Ranch is the best Colorado wedding venue in these changing times.