Determine Your Wedding Reception Vision Before Choosing A Venue

I would like to introduce you to a guest blogger Jamie Dawson.  As a venue we do like to listen to other vendors and engaged couple opinions on subjects concerning venues.   Let me know if you agree or disagree with Jamie.

After being a part of the industry for nearly seven years as Massachusetts wedding DJ’s, we have seen what aspects make a great wedding and what details take away from the party.  Often, there are inviting distractions outside of the main reception room that may take your guests away from the party.  When this happens, it becomes difficult for your wedding DJ to keep a packed dance floor.  A tip that we suggest is to take some time and think about exactly  how you vision your  reception before booking your wedding venue.  Are you looking for a laid back event where some guests  may be dancing while others may be  chatting outside by the waterfront with a glass of wine and enjoying the beautiful view?  Or are you looking for a reception where the dance floor is packed the entire night?  Ideas such as this need to be in place before booking your wedding venue, as the reception site plays an integral part in making your vision become a reality.

If you are looking for a relaxed reception where you would like your guests to do as they please whether it be dancing, socializing by the bar, sitting out on the patio,  playing lawn games, or sitting by the waterfront and socializing with other guests, then any wedding venue that offers these types of amenities will probably suit your needs.
If you would like all guests to remain in a single area and be on the dance floor all night, please consider these next few tips before making a decision on your venue.  Think about what distractions there might be at each venue you visit that would cause guests to venture outside of the main reception hall.  Is your party outside on the water where guests can easily leave the tent and roam around on their own in order to enjoy the view?  Is there a very inviting patio area that will remain open to guests during the dancing portion of the evening?  Is the bar outside of the room where guests may congregate and socialize?  By limiting distractions that take place outside of the reception hall, guests are more likely to remain together in one room.  This will then allow your wedding DJ to have more control over keeping your guests dancing all night long.

You may also want to think about the time of day your reception will take place.  Guests tend to find it easier to dance during the evening and night time, rather than in the morning or middle of the afternoon.  If you have a reception hall with windows that let in a significant amount of light, you may want to try to plan your reception so that the dancing portion takes place when it will be darker outside.  This will lend for more of a party atmosphere.  But again, if you are looking for a relaxed reception and not a packed dance floor all day/night, then the time of day for your reception may not play an important role.

Lastly, if you are looking for that jamming party and would like guests to indulge in a few extra cocktails, then you may want to choose a venue that has rooms onsite for guests to stay.  Or providing guests with bus or trolley transportation to and from a local hotel is  also another option that guests will be very appreciative of.

So before making that huge decision on where to have your wedding reception, it may be worth taking the extra time to sit down with your fiancé and really discussing what it is that you both envision for your party.  Once you have your expectations set, it will make booking your wedding venue much easier and will help to make that wedding vision become a reality!

Happy planning!


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