Facility rental only venue vs. an all-inclusive venue?

Ellis Ranch wedding party

The Ellis Ranch Event Center & Wedding Parks is a facility rental only, and that means the bride has more control over the planning and how much her wedding and reception will cost.

There are several different kinds of venues that can host a wedding and reception.  There are all-inclusive venues, which means wedding park, reception hall, meal, decorations, linens, dinnerware, cake, pastor, etc. are part of the package and generally all included in one set price per person. Then you have venues with a site fee, bar fee and plate fee, along with many other hidden fees to deal with. Lastly, you have a facility like the Ellis Ranch that is basically a facility rental only.

Benefits of Facility Rental

With our facility rental only offering, you get what you see when you go on your private showing: a wedding park, reception hall and tables and chairs, set up all for a flat rate.

This gives the couple more control over their budget for their special day.  You are not required to hire certain vendors and buy their alcohol or food.  If you want to keep your wedding simple and keep your costs down, you may do so. Or maybe you want to have a more elaborate wedding or event. That’s also your choice.

This brings up questions that we ask, like do you want to do your own cleanup after the celebration or do you want to hire us to do it for you?  Some venues, like us, feel this gives the bride and groom yet another chance to control their spending. If they are on a tight budget, they can have family and friends help with the cleanup.  If you choose a venue that requires to do the cleanup for you, believe me, they already have that priced into their rental fee.

Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center married coupleThe same goes for those who offer linens or table servings in the rental fee. You are truly paying for the lines and table servings up front.  If you are wanting to keep things simple by possibly having disposable linens on your tables, you still pay for the cloth linens in the rental fee, whether you use them or not.  This is not the case when renting a venue that is a do-it-yourself venue.

With the way the economy the country is right now, all of us at the Ellis Ranch feel it is important for a bride to have more choices in how she spends her money.

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