No Respect – RSVP

I have written about this subject in the past but after this summer of wedding and events and visiting with several event and wedding vendors I feel we all need a reminder how important it is to RSVP.
We have seen two trends this summer. Either more or less then RSVPS.
This summer more guests showing up to the wedding or events that didn’t send in their RSVP. Attending an event or wedding with out RSVP-in or bringing a guest not invited can cause some major problems.
a) Want to eat, well that may not happen when 25 extra guest show up.
b) Want a table, chair, silverware, linens, drinks??? Venues set up the room and charge the host on the numbers of their final count.
c) Maybe the room only holds 100 guests and 125 show up.
At this point not only is venue upset the bride and groom or host are in major stress level and that is not good for any party.
Now for the second trend, no shows. This has really become a trend with weddings this summer leaving the couple very depressed and costing them hundreds of dollars.   You are thinking no big deal if I change my mind no one will miss me. Believe the bride and groom will. When they are standing in front of all their guests and look out at the guest who have attending and only half have shown up, not good.
a) We have even seen brides in tears, so much for a being a friend.
b) Remember the host has paid for every one of you to be at the wedding or event. We have truly seen weddings this summer that the bride could have saved latterly thousands of dollars is you would have just said you were not planning on coming.
Not only does the bride or host have to give final counts to the venue they have to have numbers to caters, if hosting an open bar they have paid for some alcohol up front, instead of ordering two sheet cakes they would have only ordered one.
Hope by now you are starting to get the point in the importance of a RSVP and sticking to your decision to come or not to come and never bring a guest without okaying it with the host first.
We understand there are always exceptions to every rule, maybe you fell ill, and boss wouldn’t let you of work. There are truly a 100 reasons why you may have to change your plans but a courtesy call take 5 seconds to let them know why you can not show up and in my opinion you should always offer to pay for what it cost the host to save you a space.
Remember you were invited because the host felt you were important in her or his life, show some respect and love back.
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