Professional Photographers vs. Amateur Photographers

ellis ranch couple

We received thousands of photos each year from professional photographers and family or friends of the couple. When it come to the question of professional photographers vs. amateur photographers, I promise you will be so much happier when you choose a professional photographer. Your wedding day is not the time to cut corners on one of the essential wedding vendors. They are there to capture one of the critical days of your life. So when choosing either a Professional Photographer vs. Family or Friend, please consider these suggestions.

1) When hiring a professional photographer ask them how many times have they shot a wedding at the Ellis Ranch? Why, you ask, because photographers have told us it takes a couple of weddings to get the lay of any venue.

2) A professional photographer will know to come to the ranch and do a walk-thru to get a feel beforehand to see where the best photos locations and angles are. If you choose one that has shot at the ranch several times before your wedding, you will be pleased.

3) Professional photographer vs. amateur photographer will know where there is proper lighting and if not will have the equipment to compensate.

4) Check around, you honestly can find some fantastic affordable professional photographers. Check out our preferred wedding photographers (Ellis Preferred Photographers)

5) Professional photographers vs. amateur photographers can edit photos for you.

6) A cool option, most professional photographers vs. amateur photographers, they offer an online link for family and friends to view photos taken on your wedding day.

Hope you enjoy some of these professional photos.





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