Respect for the Bride and Groom

Wedding Photography

What happened to the wonderful weddings when guest came to the weddings to honor the Bride and Groom?

We host over 120 wedding per year and with that many weddings we have seen everything you can think of.

Respectful Guest

. RSVP when asked.
. Arrive to the wedding early enough to be seated before the bride walks down the aisle.
. If you haven’t given a gift bring a gift for the couple, it doesn’t have to break the bank but something to show a nice gesture.
. Dress appropriately.
. Plan on spending time at the reception long enough for the meal and all formal dances and cake cutting.
. Guest stay in the building where the bride and groom are.
. Find a baby sitter for the evening or if you bring your children watch them and make them behave.
. Don’t arrive drunk.
. Know directions to the venue prior to leaving your house.
. If it is non-alcohol weddings don’t bring your own alcohol, respect their choices.
. Decorate the couple’s car respectfully.

Un-Respectful things we have happen during a wedding.

. Arrive drunk
. Bring their children and just turn them loose with no supervision.
. Get extremely drunk during the wedding.
. Do property damage; the bride is grooms are responsible for paying for any damage.
. Dress in appropriately.
. Stand out side the building and smoke all evening.
. Tailgating and the bride and groom are in the building dancing.
. Guest who do not respect parking signs.
. Brings guest that where not invited.
. If there is livestock at the venue do not get in the pens.
. Offer alcoholic drinks to minors.
. Decorate the couple’s vehicle to the point there is damage.

I truly could go on and on but after all this is a blog not a book.