Tips for Planning a Colorado Rustic Wedding

Are you a bride-to-be who’s been longing for her very own Colorado rustic wedding? Your special day should turn out to be one of THE best days of your life. A romantic rustic wedding is the type of wedding that you, your groom and your guests will not soon forget. Here are some tips for planning a Colorado rustic wedding sure to make your wedding day unforgettable in a good way.

Tips for Planning a Colorado Rustic Wedding

You can do a search in Pinterest to plan your Colorado rustic wedding. We have tons of ideas for you already gathered on our Ellis Wedding Ranch Pinterest Boards (click here). Start your own Pinterest board to keep track of ideas. You can keep it private or make it public.

A horse-drawn carriage with you and your father or whomever might be giving you away during the ceremony, is a stunning and romantic way for your groom and guests to see you arrive. They will never forget it. Take a look at our Facebook Photos for ideas for your rustic wedding. We have hundreds and hundreds of photos. Here are a few.

Think Practically to Pull Off a Worry-Free Wedding

If you’re renting a Colorado Wedding Venue like ours: The Ellis Ranch Wedding and Event Center, be sure you find out if you’ll need someone to bus the tables if you’ve rented china for your wedding reception. Though we have many amenities here, we’d have to hire someone to bus tables. It would be more cost-effective if you asked a friend or hired someone yourself.  If you rent china, if you have not made arrangements with the catering company to bus the table and pay them to do so, someone in your wedding party would have to bus for you.

Insurance is critical to have. Make sure your DJ, Photographer, Caterer, Florist, and the Venue have liability insurance. Don’t assume anything – especially this. Most venues will not allow vendors who are not properly licensed and insured to work at their facility.

Your wedding cake: unless you have made arrangements to have someone cut your cake ahead of time don’t assume the person who made it or delivered the cake will cut the cake and don’t assume the caterer’s staff will do the cutting. You must make arrangements ahead of time.

Clean up, who is responsible? As with our venue and many other venues, ours is a facility rental only and you will be responsible for you own clean up unless arrangements are made ahead of time.   Some venues give you this option to help you save money.

Alcohol, don’t assume you will be able to place bottle of wine on the tables. Make sure you have talked in length with the venue manage about alcohol requirements, do and don’ts.

For more tips like these, read our blog post: Don’t Assume.

Don’t assume you can bring in decorating supplies the day before your wedding or leave things that evening at the venue to be picked up the next day. Make arrangements, some venue have strict regulations concerning delivery and pick up times.

When planning any event, whether it’s a romantic Colorado rustic wedding or reception, always have a plan B ready. Furthermore, with Mother Nature having a mind of her own, we can’t always assume the weather will be perfect.

In conclusion, we hope these tips help you with your planning of your next event or wedding. We all want the day to so smoothly and memorable in the good way.

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