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wedding traditions rings Ellis Ranch Loveland One of the fun things about being able to watch so many weddings traditions throughout the year is the different kind of cultures each couple chooses to incorporate into their wedding ceremony.

Today we are going to give you some insight into four different traditions: Unity Candle, Handfasting Ribbons, Sand Unity and Jumping the Broom.

The Hawaiian Sand Ceremony usually is ideal for ceremonies taking place on the beach, boat, or on a windy day.  We see this tradition happen a lot at the ranch since both our ceremony locations are outdoors unless you have a winter wedding.

When choosing the sand ceremony, you are making a commitment to your eternal aloha for one another.  You will need three bottles, one with sand representing the bride, one to serve the groom and an empty bottle.  If you are getting married on the beach, many couples use the sand from the beach and those getting married on the land use colored sand.  During the sand ceremony, the bride and groom pour the sand into the empty jar together, which makes for a beautiful pot when the two colors are combined.

We have also seen where the couple chooses to have the parents or children help in the pouring of color representing the joining of families.

You may use whatever shape and size of jars, just make sure it comes with a lid so you may preserve our sand for years to come.

Handfasting Ribbon (Neopaganism) is a historical term for “betrothal” or “wedding” The verb as explained in Wikipedia means to handfast is the sense of “to formally promise, to make a contract” recorded for Late Old English.

wedding traditions Ellis Ranch couple Handfasting …the blessed marriage rite in which the hands of you and you’re beloved are wrapped in ribbon as you “tie the know.”

Jumping the broom is a phrase and custom relating to a wedding ceremony where the couple jumps over a broom.  The tradition historically associated with Romani gypsy people of the United Kingdom.Wedding traditions jumping couple Ellis Ranch Loveland

Jumping the Broom is also called “broomstick marriage” Some say walking over the broom always indicated an irregular or non-church union, but there are examples of the phrase in the context of legal weddings, both religious and civil.

wedding tradition candles Ellis Ranch LovelandUsing the unity candle during your ceremony symbolizes the joining together of the two families and their love.  The bride and groom use two flames to light the unity candle, this brings the respect of both families together in a united love.

There are so many traditional ceremonies one can choose from, or you make a new wedding tradition.  What is your style?  Be sure and check with your officiant to see what he recommends to along with your religious beliefs.

Recently read a blog written by Mainly Bands, 10 BIZARRE WEDDING TRADITIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.    wedding traditions groom carrying bride Ellis Ranch Loveland

That takes wedding traditions to a whole new level. Some countries have bazaar traditions.

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